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My site has two main areas and sometimes some temporary smaller ones.

One part is devoted to Gerrards Cross, my home town in Buckinghamshire, UK.
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Changes to the scenery in the last few years have been widespread.  The East side walk was completely rebuilt in 2011 and has had some adjustments made since.  The West side was rebuilt in late 2014.


The other part is devoted to the collapse in 2005 of the Tesco railway tunnel through the middle of Gerrards Cross with a history of the project and an account of what has happened since. Click on this picture to follow that story.

The final page of this story was added in June 2011.  You can go directly to it here.

For people interested in railways.

I recorded some of the railway action on September 5th 2011 at Gerrards Cross on the opening weekday of Chiltern Railways' new timetable that takes advantage of the many changes to the line betweeen London Marylebone and Birmingham that allow 100 mph running in many more places.  The page is here.    In the months leading up to that event, I recorded some of the work done to improve line speeds through Gerrards Cross and to make other improvements.  That page is here.    

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