Meadway Park garden 2017

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Our garden sometimes presents photographic opportunities.  Here are a few from June.

In early June, the day was windless so the pond was very calm and not ruffled by any breeze.

Turning just a little to see reflections in the smooth surface.

During the month, a Calibrochoa from last year gradually expanded its wonderful display.  It was not supposed to survive the winter but did, despite total neglect by us.

Here is the trough it is in.   Now we will give it some fresh compost, hopefully without disturbing it too much, and plant some new stuff round it.

At the front of the house, we had a horticultural surprise last year.  We have had a Passion Flower bush growing intertwined with other bushes and trees for many years, but it was not on the house wall.  Last year, it began to grow among a big clematis on the side of the house, having apparently leapt over the intervening very solid path.  This year, it is ahead of its parent plant.

Back to the pond where the lilies are enjoying the strong sunshine and opening their blooms.  This pond was very thoroughly cleaned out in March.  The lilies were replanted but would they survive this drastic treatment?  It seems they liked it.

Sometimes even a decaying leaf is useful, particularly to a Dragonfly.

The Day Lily gives a soft spread of colour - until the sun shines directly on it.  Then it demands attention.

Day lily.

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Guy Gorton  25/6/2017