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This part of my site is devoted to Packhorse Road, Gerrards Cross, April 2002 with updates in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014 and 2019.

The east side walk has been rebuilt in 2020.   New photos, new layout,revised text!
The west side walk was rebuilt in 2019.  Comments have been added in 2020.

Most of the site takes you on a walk, illustrated with pictures and words, through Gerrards Cross along Packhorse Road, the main shopping and commercial street.


It has been put together in response to a question from an American friend who left Gerrards Cross in the mid 1970s - "Has Packhorse Road changed much?" - and highlights many of the changes, but does not claim to mention every change, that has affected Packhorse Road.

For those whose geography is, shall we say, not their strong point Gerrards Cross is in Buckinghamshire, a county of England.  This small town lies about 20 miles west of London.

You can start by looking at the west side (2019) as we travel northwards from the common to the Ethorpe Hotel, or you can start walking southbound by looking at the east side (2020) from Barclay's old building.to the Common.

You may want to go my home page to pick up the story of the Tesco tunnel. 

My thanks are due to Brian Davies and Mike Sandover who both provided much useful historical material.
Photographs and text by Guy Gorton.  Comments welcome at guy.gorton@btinternet.com

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