A visit to St. Pancras, December 14 2007

There have been lots of great pictures displayed of the restored St. Pancras.
I spent an hour there on 14 December, marvelling more at the quality of the fabric restoration than at the modern artifacts. 
A few pictures follow. 

Not all the Advent panels were yet open - there is one for each retail outlet in the undercroft..  The renowned champagne bar is in the foreground.
My nephew installed the calendar, moved the reveal mechanism each night, and rigged its lighting.  He was also was responsible for rigging all the lighting and screens used at the opening ceremony, now all removed.

Hard to believe that this lower level was used for Burton-on-Trent beer storage for most of its life.  There are lots of the celebration clocks, all telling the exact time twice every 24 hours!

Eurostar check-in is directly under the International trains and platforms.

Everything above the lower level is supported by these iron pillars.  It has been suggested that the flanges
supported platforms for the workers to attend to the beer barrels, but I do not have an authoratative explanation.

The grace and beauty of the arch has been revealed.

A closer look at the arches and nearby brickwork.

Butterley manufactured the ironwork in 1867.

New door fitted into restored brickwork.

The Victorians created wonderful detail which has been lovingly restored.

arch plus
The flat roofed extension to accommodate the very long Eurostar sets and the domestic trains to the Midlands is linked to the country end of Barlow's train shed..

Domestic trains ahead, international trains beyond the security screen to the right.

This entrance to St Pancras is still blocked off behind me but will presumably be opened when work on the St Pancras hotel overhead is
completed and the higher level roadway outside is open again.

This Eurostar departed a few minutes later, and so did I.

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©  Guy Gorton 2007